We are Fortador Africa. Exclusive distributor and proud partner of FORTADOR and Lamborghini Caloreclima. We are distributors of one of the best in class Diesel and Electric steam cleaners on the market today. Established in 2017 Fortador Africa has been granted this illustrious opportunity of bringing the Fortador Steam Cleaners to the African market. The Fortador Africa team comes with years of combined experience in the steam cleaning industry and pledges its support, dedication and passion to all those interested in joining the Fortador Family.


Fortador – Powered by Lamborghini, is the marriage of two major powerhouses in the boiler, burner and steam manufacturing industry. Established in 2014 – The partnership between 7 Car Polska – steam machine manufacturer in Poland and Lamborghini Caloreclima – the heater, burner and boiler manufacturing division of Lamborghini from Italy, has proven to be one of the most successful in the industry. Merging the superior performance of Burners and Boilers from Lamborghini with beautiful design, flawless craftsmanship and advanced technological enhancements from 7 Car Polska gave birth to the “ Fortador – Powered By Lamborghini “ steam cleaning machines.


Years of experience based on cooperation with the best suppliers in the industry have given us the advantage over our competitors to set new standards throughout the industry. Fortadors own design concepts as well as good solid manufacturing processes means peace of mind for all our customers. Fortador – a synonym for the Lack of Compromise, Show of Strength and Exceeding Industry Standards is how these machines were born.


We value your peace of mind. The warranty on our Fortador machines can be extended up to 36 months. In this way you can have peace of mind knowing your machine is covered.